Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Infinite Summer

Again, I have to apologize for not updating my blog like I said I would. Apparently, when I said that I would keep you updated on how I was doing with my reading of Infinite Jest, I was lying. Of couse I didn't do it on purpose, but I'm a liar just the same. Since I'm here now, I might as well tell you that I'm finding this book to be a huge challenge. It is difficult and tedious and I am pretty sure that most of the information is going right over my head.

In my last blog I explained to you all the ways in which I had prepared myself to read Infinite Jest. Now, I would like to take a moment and show you how those preparations have affected my reading this book.

1. Brushed up on Hamlet - As far as I can tell this hasn't really helped me at all. I'm not that far into the book yet, so maybe it will come in handy later, but I'm pretty sure my understanding of the story would have been the same had I not done this.

2. Notebook - I did keep a notebook with me at first, so I could write down anything I thought might be important. Recently I have stopped doing this, but will probably start up again. I think it will be interesting to go back and read through all my thoughts after I have finished the book.

3. Finished all other books - This was true up till today, when I started reading another book. I'm sure it's not the smartest thing to do. I mean, who starts another book when they are having trouble finishing the one they are already reading. I couldn't help myself. I am hoping the be able to read both simultaneously. We'll see how it goes.

I think I should say before I leave, that I have enjoyed this book. There are some parts that are very, very good. There are also some parts that are hard to get through, I'm sure that I'll understand those parts when I get further into the story. That's all for now, back to the book!