Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow day at the zoo

I think it is time that I admit defeat on the 365 project. It has become obvious to me that I am not going to be able to keep up with it, and I am okay with that. I will still be posting pictures, but until it warms up a little and I can actually get out of this house, there won't be many.

I did however, get out of the house this weekend, and have pictures to prove it. We went to the zoo on Sunday. It was cold, but we knew we wouldn't be staying long. First, we went to the tropical building and we were the only ones in there, which gave me time to bond with this guy.

 He must have been bored because it didn't take him long to decide that he wanted a closer look at us. He climbed over to the area right above us and peered down at us.

(Sorry the pictures aren't great)
Then he dropped down for a closer look.

Then he just sat down.

He kept his hand up against the glass, it was the sweetest thing. Since we were still the only people in the building, I sat down next to him and put my hand on the glass. He didn't seem to mind. He was a sweetie.

After that, we wanted to make sure we got to see the new baby llama.
It was starting to snow a little so we thought we would leave and go get lunch. We didn't get too far before the snow started coming down faster.
It was pretty with all the snow. It felt like we were inside a snow globe.

It was nice, but I'm still ready for summer.

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