Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birchbox - June

I was so excited to see that little pink box in my mailbox on Monday.

I never look up the theme of my box before I get it, because I think it's more fun not knowing.
So, I was surprised when I saw the cute little stamp designs on the inside of the box.

They made more sense when I found out that this month's theme was "Jet Set."

Anyways, here are the products that were in my box.

1. Masqueology - Brightening Mask (I am really excited to try this type of mask.)

2. Likewise - Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 

3. Stainiac in Beauty Queen - lip and cheek stain

4. Ada Cosmetics - Bronzer

5. Lifestyle Extra - Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-Aids ( I actually got a full size of this product, which is worth $15, so I was pretty excited about that. Who can't use Band-Aids?)

Overall, I was really happy with this box. The only thing that I don't know if I will like is the bronzer. Bronzer never seems to look right on me and this one has a lot of shimmer in it which I don't usually like. I am still excited to try it though, and everything else in my box. 

Have you tried any of these products? If so, did you like them? Let me know.

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