Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ulta Haul

Last Thursday, I was able to spend the day with my friend.

After an awesome lunch, we made a trip to Ulta.

I have been trying to try out new beauty products so that I can find what really works for me.

I bought a few new things to try.

1. Eye Crayons - The darker one is Fairytale and the lighter one is Birthday Girl.

I've worn them a couple times and I really like them. They are a little light when you put them on, but I don't mind that.

2. Bronzer - I used just a little this weekend and it worked fine. I'm sure I will like it when I get the chance to use it a little more.

Then, because I spent more than $17.50, I got all of this stuff for free.

1. Eye Shadow

I haven't used these yet, but the colors seem like ones that I will enjoy.

2.  3 Brushes

I used the bigger brush for my bronzer and it worked just fine. It's definitely not a great quality brush, but it does get the job done.

3. Blush - Sweet Cheeks

I haven't used this yet, but it looks like it will be a great color for me.

4. Eyeliner - Black, Raisin, Plum, Deep Brown

I tried to use the Plum, but it didn't really show up very well for me. I ended up just using my usual Cover Girl eyeliner instead.

5. Mascara - Jet Black

This was okay, although I didn't notice any extra volume. I don't think it did any better than my Cover Girl mascara. I did, however, like the smaller brush and I think it worked well for my lower eyelashes.

6. Lip Gloss - Princess, Mischief

This is just lip gloss. It works just fine.

7. Lipstick - 211

For as dark as it is, the color doesn't really show up that well. (That's good because I didn't care for the color when I first saw it.) I think that this lipstick just feels cheap when I put it on. I definitely won't be buying it, but since I got it for free, I might wear it every now and then.

8. Nail Polish - The Jungle Look

I tried this nail polish, and it is very watery. I'm not sure if 10 coats would have been enough. I wiped it off and went back to my O.P.I. nail polish.

9. Makeup Bag

I love this bag. Who can complain about a free makeup bag? It's super cute and it can hold quite a bit. It will be perfect for holding all the new makeup I will be trying out.

That's it for this post.

Do you have any beauty products that you love? Any that you think I should try? If so, let me know in the comments.

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