Friday, March 9, 2012

Lush Haul

It is quickly becoming a Thursday for my friend and I to go to Lush.

At first we went to "just look around."

Then, it very quickly escalated into trying bath bombs, facial cleanser, and shampoo.

I thought it would be fun to quickly share what I bought yesterday.

I have a feeling this won't be last Lush post on this blog. I am loving this store!

1. Bath Bombs

It wasn't easy, but I was able to narrow it down to 3 bath bombs that I wanted to try. (I have a feeling that I will be trying the others soon enough.)

- Dragon's Egg

Lemon oil has an uplifting aroma and is toning and refreshing for the skin.

- Twilight

Lavender acts as nature's melatonin to relax your mind for a more restful sleep.

- Sakura

Mimosa flowers yield an intense floral fragrance and sea salt is added for it's soothing effects on the skin.

2. Facial Cleanser

I picked up one for me and one that I thought that my husband might like to try.

- Angels on Bare Skin

A gentle, lavender based scrub that is suitable for all skin types.

- Dark Angels

A velvety cleanser, sprinkled with black sugar and powdered charcoal to gently exfoliate and cleanse away excess oils.

3. Fresh Face Mask

- Catastrophe Cosmetic

A mixture of blueberries, calamine powder, and rose to keep your skin happy and comfortable.

4. Samples

The lady at Lush was nice enough to send me home with some samples when I asked about the Big Shampoo. She also sent me home with 2 different conditioners so I could decide which one I like better. I have been wanting to try the Big Shampoo, so I was pretty excited about getting a sample.

- Big (shampoo)

Contains sea salt to degrease and volumize hair, and lime and lemon juice to add extra shine.

- Veganese (conditioner)

Contains seaweed to soften hair, lavender and rosemary to soothe easily irritated scalps, and fresh lemon juice to add shine.

- American Cream (conditioner)

Great for hair that needs extra moisture. A blend of strawberries, oranges, and sage leave hair full of shine and smelling good.

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