Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 1 Part 1

My alarm went off at 2:00am. The first thing I did was fold the towels that had come out of the dryer and put them away. I was doing my best to make sure that I would come home to a clean house. Then I got myself dressed and ready.

It was about 2:30 when I woke Luke up. He got up and ready while I made sure I had everything I needed in the car. We ended up leaving the house a little before 3:00am.

We would be driving for about 13 hours to get to our hotel and I had the first shift. That meant that I would be driving for 6 1/2 hours and I knew that Luke would probably fall asleep, so a few weeks before the trip I made a playlist for my ipod that would cover my entire shift. It wasn’t until I started driving that I realized that I had never synced my ipod after I made the playlist, so I didn’t have it. I was pretty upset, but there was nothing I could do, so I just listened to random songs while I drove.

The time seemed to pass pretty quickly. I was excited when the sun started coming up about half way through my shift, driving at night can be hard on the eyes. Also, the sun coming up seemed to wake up Luke, which meant I would finally have someone to talk to.

Eventually, my time was up and we stopped at a gas station get gas, use the bathrooms, and switch drivers. I think by now we were in Illinois, but I am not sure. It might have been Kentucky. Actually, it was Illinois, I’m pretty sure.

We didn’t stop again until we got to our hotel in Stockbridge, GA.

Since I was in the passenger seat for this portion of the trip, I do happen to have some pictures. They aren’t too terribly exciting, but pictures taken from a car rarely are.

This post is becoming longer than I thought it would be, so I am going to end it here for today and pick it back up tomorrow. I’m thinking I might have to do this a lot, because this is probably the least exciting day of the whole trip, so you know the rest of the posts will be long too.

Anyways...to be continued.

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