Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 2 Part 2

The first thing we did when we got to Epcot was ride Spaceship Earth. We had missed this ride last time we were there because it had been closed, so we were both excited to ride it this time. There was a little bit of a line, but because it moves pretty fast, it only took a couple minutes before we were loaded onto the ride.

We both enjoyed our ride and we liked watching our little video at the end.

We took some pictures of the fountains on our way to check the line for Soarin.

There wasn’t much of a line at Soarin, so we went ahead and rode it.

This ride was even better than I remembered! I was so glad that we decided to ride it, because it really wasn’t on the itinerary for that day. I actually hadn’t planned on us riding many rides at Epcot on this day because I knew we would be back a couple of times throughout the week, but the lines were so short, we had more than enough time.

After that, we rode Journey into Imagination. This was another ride that we had missed on our last trip to Disney World. There was no line at this ride at all. We actually walked all the way through the queue and up to the ride vehicle and just got on. It was pretty cool, although it looked like there was some cool stuff to see while you wait in line, but we just had to walk past it all. This was a really fun ride, and I had hoped that we would get to ride it again later in the week, but we never did.

We were getting hungry, as it was lunch time, so we headed to Paris to visit the pastry shop they had. We knew we didn’t want a really big lunch because we had reservations at a buffet for dinner that night, and we didn’t want to be full when we got there.

We each ended up using a snack credit (we were on the dining plan) to buy a ham and cheese croissant. We ate our lunch outside in the little seating area. We both enjoyed our lunch, it was very good. Also, one of the things I love about the World Showcase is that you can kind of lose yourself in the countries. We were sort of in the back of the France pavilion and it wasn’t crowded at all. It was easy to forget you were at Disney World, and imagine being outside a little shop in France. It was wonderful.

After we ate, we walked through the shops for a bit. I had heard about a Grand Mariner Orange Slush that I had wanted to try, so I got one of those while Luke got an ice cream cone and we found a seat by the lagoon so we could relax and just take in the atmosphere. It had been 3 years since we had been here, and it was a lot to soak in.

While we were sitting, a cute little show started up right in front of us. It was basically a guy balancing on chairs, and it was very impressive.

*Notice that the chair on the bottom is balanced on bottles.

*That yellow and red balloon is something that we plan on riding later in the week. We were impressed that we could see it from there since it’s actually located in Downtown Disney.

Next, we were headed to Canada, because there was a band called Off Kilter that was getting ready to play and I thought that Luke would like their music.

It was hot that day, so we were glad when we got a seat in the shade. We kind of felt bad for all the people sitting on the other side because they really didn’t have much shade.

The group was really good, and I think Luke enjoyed the music. We only stayed for a few songs and then we got out of there. It was just to hot to sit there with all those people around you.

We headed to the front of the park because we needed to catch the monorail to Magic Kingdom, as that is where we would be eating that night.

It was so hot, that by the time we made it to the front of the park we were ready for another break, so we rode Spaceship Earth again just so we could sit down and get out of the heat. We pretty much walked on the ride this time, and we enjoyed our little trip through history.

Then it was off to the monorail so we could get to the Magic Kingdom.

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