Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 2 Part 3

*I have decided that I am going to try to finish this trip report. Since it has been so long, I might have forgotten some of the details. I’ll do the best I can.

The first thing we noticed when we got to the Magic Kingdom was that it was very crowded. I expected this because it was a Sunday.

We walked over to Adventureland and rode Pirates of the Caribbean. We noticed that most rides had really long lines. Since we knew that we would be back at least 2 more times that week, we didn’t bother waiting in any of the lines. Instead we just walked around and enjoyed the park.

It was so hot and crowded that we decided to catch the train in  Frontierland and ride it to the front of the park. From there, we walked back down Main Street U.S.A. and checked into The Crystal Palace for our dining reservation.

There was a long line waiting to check in and there was an even larger number of people waiting to be seated, so I figured that we would be waiting a while.

I was wrong. It took maybe 2 minutes before our name was being called and we were lead into the restaurant. We were shown to our table and because we were celebrating our anniversary there was a cute confetti heart on our table. It was really sweet.

The food was good, but of course the highlight of the meal was meeting the characters.

Tigger was first. He kinda snuck up behind me when I wasn’t paying attention.  He thought it was funny.

Winnie the Pooh came by second. I don’t have pictures of these two because my husband has the pictures of me with the characters on his camera and he didn’t have his picture taken with them.

Piglet was next and he was very sweet. He kissed me on the cheek.

Eeyore was the last, but he was the one I was most excited for. I actually went back to the buffet for a second dessert just so I could have an excuse to wait for him to come around.

After dinner I took some pictures.

Then we rode the Jungle Cruise. It was funny as always.

After the Jungle Cruise we were very tired. We had gotten the text from the resort telling us which room we had, so we decided to head back and get the car unpacked.

We knew which building we were in and we knew we would be on the third floor, but it did take us a while to find the elevators. There were done on the other end of our building and that was the only time I ever used them. Our room was very close to the stairs.

Once we had brought all of our bags up to the room, we headed to the food court and bought our refillable mugs.

Then we went back to the room and slept. We had a very busy week ahead of us.

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