Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Back

I can't believe I made it! One whole week without the internet.

I realized a couple things last week.

Not only was it not difficult to go without internet, I was a happier, more productive person without it.

Once I forced myself out of my usual routine, I found that I had time to get all my work done with plenty of time to spare.

In 5 days I :

     - Spent 1 day at the zoo with some family members.
     - Spent 1 day shopping with a friend.
     - Read 3 books.
     - And I still had time to do all the basic housework that I usually put off till the last minute because I'm too busy surfing the web.

Now all of this doesn't mean that I'm not happy to be back.

There were times when I wanted to look up information, but didn't because I knew it would cheating.

I am more than happy to have to convenience of the internet back at my fingertips.

The internet is really my only source for news and current events. It's how I find out what is going on in my city.

I'm happy to be back.

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