Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Recap & You Capture

I don't know about you, but my weekend was exhausting.

We started the (longer than planned) process of painting our house this weekend.

I don't have much for a weekend recap because that is basically all we did.

We had a chance to go to a NASCAR race, but we couldn't because we had to much work to do on the house. ( We have never watched NASCAR, but I think it would have been fun to try something new.)

We were supposed to go to the mall so I could visit the Lush store and restock some of my products that I've used up...but I never got the chance.

The one thing I did accomplish was getting my camera out and taking some pictures of "sunshine" for You Capture.

Of course, I didn't think about it until Sunday and it was cloudy all day. So, I just had my camera around my neck while I worked outside and every once in awhile the sun would peek out for a few seconds and I would try to get a decent shot.

This was the best one:

The sun also came out while I was trying to get a picture of the tree in our front yard.

So that is all for my (kind of) sunny weekend recap.

How was your weekend? Did you manage to have more fun than I did?


  1. The lighting in the first picture is really cool, how the tree is dark but you can still see the green. Very neat!

  2. With the busy weekend you had, I'm glad you kept the camera around your neck so that you could catch these pretty Sunshine shots. I couldn't even pick a favorite because they're both such beautiful pictures!


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