Friday, January 13, 2012

5 on Friday

This is another new series I am trying out for my blog.

Every Friday I will list five things.

It might be some of my favorite things, random thoughts, or it could even be pictures.

Basically it just depends on what I feel like doing for that week.

This week's five things happen to be random thoughts.

5 Random Thoughts:

 1. I'm not even halfway through January and I've already lost most of the motivation I had for making changes in 2012. I'm hoping to rest, regroup, and refocus on what is important next week.

2. The DMV is never fun, but it goes a lot smoother if you have all the right paperwork. I'm always surprised when I see people older than I am who aren't prepared. This can't be the first time they've gone through this. (Unless they just moved here from another state and just don't know, then I feel bad for them because I've been there and it can be stressful.)

3. What is the point of me pre-ordering a book if it I don't get it until 3-4 days after it's released? I could have gone to the store and bought it by now.

4. I'm glad the snow waited to fall until after we got new tires on the car. That was nice.

5. Every year I think to myself, "I'm going to do something fun for my birthday this year!" I turn 26 on Monday and once again, I have no plans.

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