Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's in my Bag?

This is my first time ever doing a "what's in my bag?" post.
Please bear with me, as I know this first one isn't the greatest.
Due to a busy schedule lately, I had to take the pictures at night, and the lighting is terrible.

I promise the pictures will be better next time.

*Also, I realize this may not be interesting to everybody who reads this, but I always enjoy reading these types of posts and I thought it would be fun to do one of my own.

This is my bag. It's nothing special. I got it at Target on clearance. I wanted a messenger bag that could hold a lot of stuff and this bag has been perfect. It even has room for my camera if I need to take it with me.

This picture is just an overview of everything that I pulled out of my purse.
I left out the small pile of trash, because I didn't think that it needed to be included, but if you are curious, there was also some random receipts in there.

 -You can barely see them, but I have a little package of tissues there in the back.

- My little yellow case hold my Burt's Bees lip stuff. The case came with stuff already inside it, so I didn't get to choose my own, but I really like it. Also, the thing with the black cap is lip gloss from Avon. It is the Apple Cinnamon lip gloss.

-Bobby Pins

 -Anti-bacterial gel from Bath and Body Works. My sister-in-law gave this to me. It is the Mrs. Claus Apple Pie scent.

-St. Ives soothing oatmeal and shea butter moisturizing lotion. This little travel lotion came free with my face wash, but I do like it. I don't always carry lotion around with me, but it is nice in the winter when my skin tends to be a little more dry.

-Mentos chewing gum. I really just bought this because I liked the container it was in. I don't really care for the gum and I probably won't get it again.

-My sunglasses. They are just a $20 pair that I got from JC Penny about 4 or 5 years ago.

-My keys

-My wallet- I got it from Fossil about 7 years ago and I still love it. At the time I thought it was expensive, but after all it's been through it is still holding up. Other wallets would be falling apart by now, but this one still looks as good as when I bought it.

-A gift card for Charming Charlie that I got for Christmas. it came with that cute red bag underneath it.

-My phone

-Some pens, a cap to a pen, some binder clips, an old fortune from a fortune cookie, and an old tag that used to be on my husbands keys.

-I almost forgot! The big red thing under my glasses is my Kindle. I don't think I ever showed you guys the case I got for it, but there it is. If you want to see a picture of my Kindle I have on at the end of this post. I got the Kindle DX, so it is a bit bigger than the other Kindles.

*There are two things in the second picture that I didn't discuss. One is just an old Time magazine that happened to be in my purse. The other is a thing with paperwork in it from Tires Plus.

So, that is it for my very first "what's in my bag post." I hope you liked it. I was thinking I might do this about once a month, just for something different to blog about. If you guys do your own post like this, tell me in the comments, because I would love to see them.

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