Thursday, January 5, 2012

You Capture: 2011 Top Ten

I almost didn't participate in You Capture this week.

Looking back on last year's pictures, I felt like I didn't take enough and that the ones I did take weren't good enough.

Then, I went back to this post and I realized that I couldn't not make one for 2011.

It's fun to look back through a years worth of pictures and remember all that you did.

The pictures may not be great, but the memories are amazing.


  1. SO FUN! Love the glasses and the fishies ;D

  2. Great pictures. I can relate to the feeling that last year's pictures aren't good enough, but that is actually a good thing, because it means you're better now than you were then. Keep shooting!

  3. Great shots! I love the rhinos and that purple tree!

  4. That thumbnail of your first photo is very intriguing. I would never have guessed it was glasses! I also really like those open mouthed fishies.

  5. These are great shots and just as you said it's all about the memories they represent!


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