Thursday, October 27, 2011

You Capture: Cute

This week's You Capture was difficult for me. (I feel like I'm always saying that.)

I just could not think of anything to take a picture of that was "cute".

I did take some picture of my nephew this week and he is definitely cute, but I don't like to put up pictures of other people's kids without their permission.

(By the way, totally jealous of all you bloggers who do have kids. This week must have been an easy one for you.)

Anyways, these pictures are of the mug on my desk that hold my pens. I know it can't compete with babies, but I bought it because I thought it was cute. It's all I got.

 Also, my Mickey Mouse shaped pen is kind of cute, right?

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's cute pictures.


  1. Love those colors. Definitely cute. =>

  2. Lots of color AND cuteness in the first one but I think the cup is extra cute from the side! (It isn't easy without kids, is it!) And I didn't recognize the Mickey Mouse pen til you mentioned it. That is cute!

  3. Well that's a drop of cuteness for every day ;) You're right though -- this one was much easier with kids and pets at home!

  4. It's definitely a very cute mug! It has an oral kiely kind of look.

  5. Very Cute!

    I haven't posted my photos yet but I hear you, I don't have any children either and my niece lives in another state!


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