Sunday, April 12, 2009

BEDA Blog #12 -

I'm sorry. I said yesterday that I might put up some pictures today, but I haven't even looked at my pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Today is Easter and we went to visit with DH's family. We had good food and we watched a movie. I just got home and we gave Abby her easter basket. She seems to be happy, she is playing with her new toys right now. Now she's sniffing around wondering where the rest of her easter treat is. If that sounds wierd, (and I just realized that it might) that is because Abby is our dog, not a child. Thought I should clear that up. Anyways, she loves her easter basket. Almost as much as she loves it when I start decorating for Christmas and she sees her stocking. Most people would call her spoiled, but she is the only little one in the house, so it's fun for us to give her stuff. ( I finally just got up and gave her another piece of her treat because she was starting to tear her bed apart looking for one.)

Ok, well thats not what I had planned to talk about, but thats what is going on right now. I will be back tomorrow. Bye.

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