Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 5

I really don't have anything too exciting planned for the blog today. Ok well, actually, up until 2 minutes ago I didn't have anything at all planned. I didn't get to bed until late this morning and I didn't wake up till about 6:00pm. So, I am kinda tired and I thought this would be a good chance to try another survey. This one is a little shorter, but I just grabbed one of the first ones I found. it goes.

Where are you right now? At home

What do you wish you were doing right now?Reading my new book.

What shirt are you wearing right now?Yellow hoodie (over a white t-shirt)

What are you eating right now? I'm not eating anything right now, but I'm thinking about eating a Rice Krispie Treat.

What room are you in right now? I am in the Living Room.

What underwear are you wearing right now? The normal kind? ( I wasn't expecting that question)

What are you listening to right now? Eve 6

What pants are you wearing right now? Jeans (Gap jeans if it matters)

What shoes are you wearing right now? I'm not wearing any shoes.

What socks are you wearing right now? normal white ones. Hanes.

Who do you wish you were with right now? I'm pretty happy where I'm at.

What time is it right now? 8:45pm

What is one thing you would change right now? Can't think of anything right now.

What is next to you right now? My ipod.

What will you do next right now?Read some other blogs, update twitter, maybe play sims or read.

Ok, I know that wasn't terribly exciting, but it's all I've got for today. I promise that I will get better. See ya tomorrow.

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